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The Prayer Request Chapel

Please post any prayer requests that you may have. We will check back daily to pray for your needs!

4 months ago by ????? Pray for me
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4 months ago by qnxgrzdm Pray for me
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Prayer for a Smooth Road Ahead

over a year ago by David Bailey Pray for me
Please pray for my husband David as he readies himself to come home. He made parole a year ago & is finally finishing up his class & should be released 2 to 4 weeks after that. I pray he's home for our anniversary which is September 12th. I also ask for agreement that he is assigned fair & just parole officers with common sense & that he have favor in their sight. Also that the monitor will only be of very short duration. Pray for a smooth reentry & integration, thank you!!

Parole Support

over a year ago by Prayer Request Pray for me
Please pray for Jesse, Joseph, Ronnie, Clarence, and Paul as they deal with parole related issues. That God would give them favor, and that he would move them forward with strength, fortitude and blessings along the way! Floyd is now off paper - Praise God! Continue to pray for him & his marriage. Also Ronnie is now married & opening his own restaurant!! Yippee! thanks all for your prayers!


over a year ago by Jan Bailey Pray for me
Please pray for the following inmates that are unjustly incarcerated: Shirley Southerland (shirley has been released but no exoneration yet) Jesse Perales Brad Dixon John Brown Tommy Bailey Ray Embree Rickey Layfield Billey Oliver Edward Rose